About ERP

Why CollegeDude?

Colleges involve paperwork. Lots and lots of it.

As a COLLEGE ADMINISTRATOR, have you ever wondered if there was a better way to capture all the information regarding your college in one place?
As a LECTURER, wouldn't it be easier for you if you could view all your student's details and measure their performance in a couple of minutes?
And for STUDENTs wouldn’t the management of assignments, reference materials, test papers,notes be more convenient having access to everything at their fingertips and make the learning process easier & convenient.
Or if you are a PARENT,wouldn't it be great if you can keep an eye on your child's progress in college with a single tap!

CollegeDude believes great things never comeEVOLVE from comfort zones! Why not!!!!

CollegeDude is the perfect partner in your quest for a BETTER EDUCATION SYSTEM.

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Data Management in Secured Cloud

Cloud-hosted server ensures secured data and uninterrupted services. No hardware maintenance is required.

Single Source of Information

All information is stored in a single system and can be accessed anytime.

Timely Info

Information is shared promptly with Parents & Students.

Enhanced Parent Lecturer Communication.

Better understanding b/w Lecturers and Parents.

Reports and Dashboards

Structured format of data allows generation of specific reports.

Reduced Cost to College.

Cut down cost of texting & printing, desktops, electricity and maintenance staff.

eBooks & Online Study

Each topic can be linked to online videos and resources for Student's quick reference.

Improved Brand Image

Parental engagement and brand value of the college is increased.